SEAS water treatment system

SEAS’s modular philosophy has been implemented perfectly in its water treatment system. SEAS proposes 4 different water treatment system configurations, allowing to obtain many types of water.

Each system is designed so as to be easily adaptable for different needs. Consequently, if the need for a certain type of water changes, the water treatment system can be easily modified even at a later stage.

SEAS also supplies the ‘LONG LIFE STORAGE’ optimized water collection and storage system. This optional system has been designed and developed to maintain the quality of water production at all times, for example by means of a bioreactor that combines the bactericidal action of ultraviolet radiations with the antibacterial photocatalytic effect of titanium dioxide.

Filtering, sterilisation, mineralization, and real-time monitoring are key features of this technology, whose processes have been carefully studied to achieve high performance, easy and fast maintenance, and constant quality over time.

Main strengths of the AWA water treatment system

Water characteristics and quality are guaranteed in real time by an efficient sensor system that allow:
  • monitoring of chemicals and sanitary water quality;
  • on-site and remote control of system operation;
  • real-time monitoring of consumable life time;
  • recording and storage of error-related alarms.

The AWA water treatment system requires easy maintenance. The main filters need to be replaced every six months or every 200,000 produced litres.