Water bagging unit

Water bagging unit


  • F800-LLS 8.000 litres
  • F800-LLS-I 8.000 litres (chilled filling room*)
  • F800-LLS-E 8.000 litres (chilled filling room**)
The Long Life Storage system can be combined with a water bagging system specifically developed by SEAS for the distribution of the produced water.

The bagging unit supplied uses only single- and double-layer PE films, which ensure the best quality when in contact with food fluids.

In order to guarantee maximum user friendliness and flexibility, the package size and dosage time can be constantly varied from a PLC, from a minimum of 0.2 to a maximum of 1.5 litres.

Moreover, the bagging unit can be equipped with an injection device to inject preservatives, disinfectants or other types of additives needed for the preservation and improvement of the water for distribution.

Similarly, the bagging unit can be fitted with a printer to print production dates, expiry dates, and other information required by the user.

All the systems described above are built in stainless steel, allowing to easily disinfect every single component, and are fully compliant to HACCP requirements for the food industry.

* the bagging unit can be cooled using the fresh air produced by AWA MODULA
** the bagging unit can be conditioned by means of a single-block air conditioner


  • Bag capacity from 0.2 to 1.5 l
  • Maximum bagging capacity 10 l/min
In case of additional bottling and distribution needs of the water produced by the AWA systems, SEAS supplies a patented bottling and packaging system for beverages, using both glass and PET bottles.