SEAS water Long Life Storage system

SEAS water Long Life Storage system

The SEAS water collection, storage and sanitization system is not simply a tank, but a real additional system allowing to collect water into thermally insulated tank equipped with continuous circulation sanitization devices, in order to maintain water healthiness and quality unchanged for a long time… ‘Long Life Storage’.

The SEAS water collection and storage is characterized by a special thermal insulation solution that is capable of reducing the external environment influence on to the water temperature, it is also possible to use the fresh air, generated by the AWA system, in order to keep the stored water at an appropiate temperature.

The water storage system is modular too: each module can contain more than 8 m3 of water and, if larger amounts of water are required, the system can be expanded by adding more modules in parallel.


  • S800-LLS 8.000 litres
  • S800-LLS-I 8.000 litres (cooled filling room*)
  • S800-LLS-E 8.000 litres (conditioned filling room**)
Consisting of two tanks, totaling an overall capacity of 8,000 litres, the SEAS Long Life Storage water storage system maintains the healthiness of the water produced wherever storage is required for specific production needs.

The constantly-circulating water is treated by means of a special bioreactor that combines the bactericidal action of ultraviolet radiations with the antibacterial photocatalytic effect of titanium dioxide.

Conceived to be used independently of the water supply system, this unit can operate in stand-alone mode or can be interfaced with the AWA system, ensuring the storage of any type of drinking water.

* the storage unit can be cooled using the fresh air produced by AWA MODULA
** the storage unit can be conditioned by means of a single-block air conditioner