SEAS, Société de l’Eau Aérienne Suisse SA, is a Swiss company based in Lugano, with offices in the United States, Mexico, Peru, and the United Arab Emirates.
SEAS is a technology-driven company, with a strong focus on engineering, design, systems, and manufacturing excellence for the construction of machinery and systems in order to produce high-quality drinking water for human consumption; specifically mineralized drinking water, demineralized water for industrial use, and water for agriculture and other common applications.
SEAS’s technological expertise is based upon years of university research and development, aimed at the design and construction of an advanced system for industrial-scale water production.
SEAS manufactures integrated systems and machines specifically conceived for water production.
A by-product of the above systems is thermal energy, which can be reused for heating, ventilation, conditioning, and dehumidification purposes.
SEAS systems can be fitted with integrated bottling systems and they has powered by diesel or gas generators as well as alternative energy sources, such as solar energy, wind power, and other renewable energy sources.
SEAS can also offer customised solutions, based on the customer’s specific needs and requirements.
SEAS is a Green Company that respects the environment by using very efficient or zero-impact systems.
  • We should not forget that the cycle of water and the cycle of life are one thing.
    Jacqueas Cousteau
  • The water aspires to become vapor and vapor to become again water.
    Marguerite Yourcenar
  • The Earth has so much water in proportion as it has our body.
    Claudio Visconti De Padua